Water Heater Value Certificate

Water Heater Value Certificate


To establish the rules and procedures to be followed regarding the Cooperative's water heater value certificate.


The Cooperative will make a payment to its members based on installed capacity for any "lifetime" warranty electric water heater, 50 gallons or larger, installed after November 1, 1994. The following procedure will be followed before the payment is made.

  1. All hot water heaters will be connected to East River's load management systems and must be connected for a minimum of four years. If the member requests removal of the receiver they will be required to repay a portion of the rebate based on the number of years installed. Example: If the receiver was installed for two years and the member wishes the receiver to be removed he would then pay the Cooperative back fifty percent (50%) of the value certificate.
  2. Requires that before payment is made a Cooperative employee must inspect the installation to make sure the water heater is installed and the load management receiver is connected and functioning properly.
  3. All water heaters that are installed under the value certificate program will be required to have a lifetime warranty that provides a no cost replacement (equipment only) in the case of tank leakage for as long as the original purchaser owns the structure. A copy of the warranty must be presented to the Cooperative before payment is made to the member.
  4. The rebate or value certificate will not be paid to members whose water heaters were replaced under warranty. An invoice showing the purchase must be submitted to the Cooperative before any payment is made.
  5. Water Heater Incentive Level for lifetime warranty electric water heater size 50 gallons or larger:
  6. Water heaters must be placed in a permanent residence. This could include dairy or hog facilities. Cabin accounts or farm shops do not qualify for this program.
East River Traverse Electric Total:
$3 per gallon $3 per gallon $6 per gallon


  1. The Manager and department heads are responsible for the administration of this policy.
  2. The Board of Directors is responsible for any change in or revision of this policy.