Renewable Energy Program

Renewable Energy Program

Choose Renewable Energy for Your Home or Business.

Traverse Electric is offering a program to allow members to power their homes or businesses with up to 100% renewable energy.

Renewable energy is easy to purchase from us and the electricity you receive will still be the same reliable, affordable energy as always.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), also referred to as “green tags,” come from several wind farms in our region that supply renewable energy to our cooperative.  For each 1,000 kilowatt-hours of energy that a wind turbine produces, one REC is produced.   The REC is how the use of renewable energy is tracked as a commodity in the marketplace.  In order to declare that energy as renewable energy, a REC must be retired.  Each year, Basin Electric generates a number of RECs.  After retiring the RECs to meet state mandates, the leftover RECs are allocated to Basin Electric’s local electric cooperatives like Traverse Electric. 

Traverse Electric would like to give our members first chance to purchase the RECs that were allocated to us.  This program is ideal for individuals who wish to use green energy and want a certifiable way to know they are getting it.   Another use may come from a farm or business that would be able to sell their product for a premium if certifiably produced by a renewable energy source.  With this program, we are providing a service for those who want to use renewable energy but may not have the opportunity or desire to put in their own renewable resource.

To be clear, by electing to participate in this program, you will be paying slightly more for each kilowatt-hour consumed.  How would that impact your bill?  Traverse Electric allows members to purchase RECs at four different levels.  If you used 1,200 kWh a month, this is how the additional charge would impact your monthly bill:

100% Renewable:            $1.20    ($0.001 / kWh)

75% Renewable:              $0.90    ($0.00075 / kWh)

50% Renewable:              $0.60    ($0.00050 / kWh)

25% Renewable:              $0.30    ($0.00025 / kWh)

This program does not require any special equipment and is billed monthly based on your kWh usage and the participation level selected.

If you would like to participate in this program, please complete the REC Certificate Purchase and return to our office. Or if you have questions, please call 563.8616 or 1.800.927.5443.


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