Nature and Quality of Service

Nature and Quality of Service


Standard Service:

The cooperative provides electric energy and service to its member-consumers with a distribution system that is in accordance with applicable codes and normal utility practice.  The distribution system is constructed with either overhead or underground construction.  Such construction limits the allowable service connection types on the distribution system because of interactions that occur with the connection type and the rest of the electrical equipment.  Such interactions can result in extensive damage to cooperative equipment, member and neighboring members equipment.

The allowable service connections shall be as follows:

  • Single Phase
    • 120/240 Volt
    • 240/480 Volt
    • 120 Volt
    • 240 Volt
    • 480 Volt
  • Three Phase
    • 120/208 Volt four wire wye
    • 277/480 Volt four wire wye

Special service voltages will be allowed only upon agreement between the cooperative and the member.  These special service voltages shall include but not be limited to:

  • 120/240 Volt three phase delta
  • 240 Volt three phase delta
  • 240/480 Volt three phase delta
  • 480 Volt three phase delta
  • Primary Voltage Service

Nominal Voltage:

The allowable voltage range on at a 120 volt base (American National Standards Institute C84.1 and REA Bulletin 169-4) is as follows:

  Normal Operation Temporary Operation
Minimum 114 volts 110 volts
Maximum 126 volts 127 volts

Motor Size Limitations

Motor sizes in general shall be limited in size to 25 horsepower on single phase and 150 horsepower on three phase.  If special starting compensation is applied to the motors, these motor sizes may be increased upon proof of decreased motor starting current and cooperative approval.

Power Quality

The Cooperative shall not be liable for interruptions in service, phase failure, or variations in the service characteristics, or any loss or damage of any kind due to causes beyond the cooperative’s control.  Such causes or conditions shall include, but not be limited to the following: acts or omissions of consumers or third parties; operation of safety devices except when such operation is caused by the negligence of the cooperative, absence of an alternative supply of service; failure, malfunction, necessary repairs of inspection of members equipment or facilities; acts of God, war, action of the elements; storm or flood; fire; riot; civil disturbances; or the exercise of authority or regulation by governmental or military authorities.

The cooperative reserves the right, without prior notification, to temporarily interrupt service for construction, repairs, emergency operations, shortages of power supply, safety, and governmental emergencies.

The cooperative provides a service level that is maintained to voltage levels within established guidelines.  The cooperative routinely investigates the overall system voltage levels to insure compliance within the standards.  Upon request by the member, the cooperative will test individual service voltages.  Any service requirements beyond the nominal levels shall be at the discretion and expense of the member with the special requirements.

If after investigation, specific customer equipment has been determined to cause damage to member, adjacent member or cooperative equipment or causes the cooperative to fall outside the established voltage guidelines, the customer with the effecting equipment shall be responsible for the correctional cost to mitigate the problem.  This correctional cost shall include but not be limited to: special investigative costs on the part of the cooperative, purchase and installation costs of mitigative devices on the effecting members equipment, purchase and installation costs or mitigative devices required to be installed on the cooperative system to correct the problem caused by the effecting member.  The customer with the effecting equipment shall immediately disconnect the equipment causing the problem.  If no such action is taken, the cooperative reserves the right to disconnect the effecting service until proper corrective actions have been complete.


The Board of Directors and the Manager are responsible for seeing that this policy is carried out.