Electrician Charges

Electrician Charges


                     Wheaton, Minnesota

                    BOARD POLICY NO. 309

                    ELECTRICIAN CHARGES



    To establish the charges for labor, equipment, and material associated with work done by the Cooperative's electrical department.


    A.  Labor Charges:       

A price list of Labor charges for the electrical department will be set by the board.                                                                                                

Hours will be billed from the time the crew leaves the office until they return.                                                                                  

  B. Material:

        1)  Inventory items will be marked up by using the following schedule:

                 a)  Cost of item 0 ‑ $10. markup 100%

                 b)  Cost of item $10.01 ‑ $20. markup  80%

                 c)  Cost of item $20.01 ‑ $100. markup  60%

                 d)  Cost of item $100.01 - $499.99  markup 45%

                 e)  Items over $500.00 – mark up 30%

        2)  Markup on wire will be 50%.

        3)  Generators will be marked up 20%.

        4)  Water heaters and electric heating equipment will be marked up 20%.

    C.  Trenching Charges:

        1)  $1.00 per foot, plus man hours to run trencher.

    D. Mileage:       

        Mileage charges will be set by the board.

Board Policy 309                                                                                                                    1


      A.  The General Manager and department heads are responsible for the administration of this policy.

      B.  The Board of Directors is responsible for any changes in or revisions of this policy.

Date Adopted:  9‑16‑91                

Date Reviewed: 11-25-2008

Date Reviewed:  6-24-14            

Date Revised:  10-28-2014

Date Revised :  12-18-18

Date Revised: 03-31-2020



                                                                                    Mark Pearson, Secretary