AMI Metering

AMI Metering


The last meter was installed September 25, 2020.  The majority were installed in 2019 but some installations were delayed due to scheduling of seasonal locations.  

Deployment Timeline

Traverse Electric started the process of installing an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system in April 2019 and the process should be complete by January 1, 2020.  Traverse Electric is installing the new system with help from Chapman Metering out of Iowa.  


What is an AMI meter?

​An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter is an electrical meter that records the consumption of electricity and sends that information back to Traverse Electric. These meters differ from traditional meters because there is a wireless module installed in the meter which allows for two-way wireless communication (much like a cell phone) between the meter and the co-op. AMI will increase the efficiency and reliability of the co-op's electric system. 

Why is Traverse Electric changing to AMI meters?

The meter upgrade provides Traverse Electric members with numerous benefits. The AMI meters will help with the following:​

  • Pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, resulting in a faster response and restoration time.
  • Help members address questions about their bills by providing information about power consumption patterns, outage and blink count history and voltage information.
  • Improve electric service reliability and power quality.
  • Help secure the overall safety of the cooperative employee team.​

What information does the new meter record?

The new meter records an electronic kWh reading, the date and time of energy usage, the overall peak demand of the electric account, if the meter has rotated backwards, and the number of times the meter has experienced a loss of power for any reason. In fact, the meter will record the date and time of light blinks and the length of the power outage.

Will Traverse Electric continue to do service inspections?

Routine inspection of all meters and services will continue in order to look for safety hazards, theft or other issues.  

Will the new meter automatically notify Traverse Electric about a power outage, or should I still call?

Members should continue to contact Traverser Electric to report an outage and any immediate hazards.

How secure will the new meters be?

The meter display is visible for members to be able to check their consumption.  All other information and data stored in the meter is secure and the meter is sealed.

Will Traverse Electric notify me prior to installation?

Yes.  We will be posting installation schedules in our Newsletter, on our website, and on Facebook.  We will work with our commercial accounts to minimize any inconvenience.  You do not have to be present during the meter change.

Will my service be interrupted while you install the new meter?

Unfortunately, yes, there will be a brief interruption of service while the new meter is installed.

Will I be paying a different rate for electricity once my AMI meter is installed?

No. Traverse Electric members will continue to be billed under their current rate structure once these AMI meters are installed.  Members will continue to receive a monthly bill after receiving the upgraded meter.